Children are a lot more sensitive to temperatures than adults, and Australia has some of the most extreme heat on the planet. When the temperatures rise during the summer, tens of thousands of children in the country suffer from severe heat stroke every year. There are many strategies that can help reduce heat indoors, including air conditioning. However, as we believe in providing the best future for our children possible, we recognize that heavy power consumption might not be the best way to keep room temperature regulated effectively year-round. A better answer is good ventilation combined with good insulation, which keeps residential and commercial facilities well-regulated in terms of heat and cold during every month of the year.

We spoke to experts from Genesis Roofing, who provide the local area with Commercial Roof Ventilation Perth, “It’s crucial that you keep your property cool, especially if you have young children living there,” Matthew from the company said, “I would advise good ventilation for keeping rooms nice and cool for any purpose, as they help regulate the temperature in buildings and also help circulate the air to avoid stagnation. It’s just a much healthier alternative, and combined with a little bit of AC and good insulation, you won’t have to waste so much money on cooling your property energy-wise.”

It’s important that we give our children healthy spaces to play and grow in. Whether you’re running a child care facility or you simply want to save on your power bill while keeping your home cool for your little ones, there are many experts out there who are willing to help you get the job done for a small investment. Roof ventilation is economical and important if you want to keep everything well-regulated on the inside, even when the summer heat is bearing down upon your structure.